Methods of sale on the French market

Konferencja E-wolucja 2018 - weź udział w rEwolucji!

09:00 - 09:30

Methods of sale on the French market

Have you given thought to the French market? Have you encountered a great wall of obstacles? Language, no knowledge about the market, know-how – this is only part of the problems that you may stumble across when trying to become present on the French market. Knowing this, we have invited Mrs. Delphine Alaurent to our conference; she is a person who has no equal in terms of knowledge about selling products on the French market.

Mrs. Delphine will share, among other things, her experience in cooperation with French online stores – their approach to trade, marketing on this foreign market. Additionally, she will reveal efficient methods of marketing and say a few words about obstacles in trade on the French market.

If you want to find out how to evaluate the potential of your product on the French market and what strategy to adopt on the e-commerce market in France – this lecture is for you.