Mateusz Grzywnowicz

Mateusz Grzywnowicz
  • Ekspert/szkoleniowiec z sprzedaży na Ebay oraz Amazon
  • Firma:

The most common mistakes of Polish sellers on eBay.

A pass to trade on an international market may be sale on eBay – one of the most popular places to sell in Europe.

Thanks to eBay, each one of us – e-sellers – may reach millions of clients all over the world with this platform – using the less or more known sales methods. But is this enough? Unfortunately, it’s not that simple – many rules must be borne in mind in order to avoid mistakes right at the start of our sales – unfortunately, this may often even result in our account being blocked.

That is why – being aware of how many of you are dealing with similar problems – Mr. Mateusz Grzywnowicz will point towards the most common mistakes and problems which Polish sellers deal with when offering their products on eBay. On top of that, he will demonstrate how, when avoiding them, you will begin to generate much higher sales for your company on this European portal.