Szymon Niestryjewski

Szymon Niestryjewski
  • Founder of SN Accounts
  • Firma: SN Accounts,

How to pursue economic activity in the UK?

The presentation by Szymon Niestryjewski comprises practical knowledge in accountancy in the area of establishing and conducting own business in Great Britain. During the lecture, you will find out, amongst all, about all requirements that need to be met in order to legally sell your products in the UK, with an additional presentation of tax rates in force.

The second part of the presentation will be devoted to VAT registration for companies outside the UK, required documents, when to submit them and what TAX rates are in force for selected products. On top of that, you will find out the pros and cons of owning a company in the UK and mistakes that should be avoided.

If you are thinking about entering the British market – this lecture is for you.